The Linchoco Haven Farm is not just a dream, but a reality waiting to be realized with just a matter of time in consideration. Introducing Philippines’ Juan in the exporting business of quality breeding livestock is the grander picture of a modest aspiration. As dreamers, Chris and Jeng anticipate the Linchoco Haven Farm to prosper and as realists, they await the DV Boer’s Pinoys’ quality livestock in the world market.
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To adopt DV Boer Farm International Corporation’s Paiwi Program that could give Filipinos good investment of their hard earned money.
To provide employment to our fellow Filipinos.
To give support to communities’ livelihood by giving them additional income.



Minding business with a BIG heart: OUR business is to take YOUR business with the ultimate hands on farm experience.
By uplifting Filipino farmers’ lives through agriculture as a life changer, the LINCHOCO HAVEN FARM  shall provide the finest and well adaptable breed, a cut above the rest.

Our Story

The Linchoco Haven Farm was   founded by couple Christopher  John   Linchoco aka as Chris/Popoy and   Geraldine Leabres Linchoco aka  Jeng/Basha.

BOTH are OFWs from SAUDI ARABIA for more than ten years: Chris, a water treatment technician and Jeng, a nurse at the Ministry of Defense and Aviation. In their search for a life changing opportunity, they believed in the great potential of farming which can be explored.

 A growing family indeed magnifies the desire to solve uncertainties in rough times. To make sure that during these tough times, Ate Jeng and Kuya Chris can come to the rescue is more assuring. That the distance from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines is closed in by that timely aid in times of trouble is most comforting. Ready and helpful hands provide a haven and a home. And, home is where the heart is.

 Surely, when want wrestles with need, add up missing your kids, Popoy and Basha felt the intense want and need to be with PJ and Ethan. As fate would have it, divine providence and intervention led Popoy and Basha into the adventures of DV Boer Farm and Farmcradle.

A win-win situation where changing lives is possible captured the couple’s heart; where business is not solely just about earning but transforming lives as well for better and more probably, the best.

 Farming is life changing. From acceptable solutions to excellent choices, the advocacy of the heart and soul in mind of Dex Villamin partnered with Sandy Santos, is the best option, therein giving birth to the Linchoco Haven Farm.

 Social entrepreneurship at its finest enticed and lured Chris and Jeng into the Paiwi…For an OFW whose hardly earned money is wasted, Jeng feared and pitied that plight, as Chris hoped and dreamed for a better tomorrow for his fellow OFWs. The promise of solving problems for your family and loved ones is the key. Unlocking this is the answer.

What makes the solution perfect is the ripple effect. When you dream for yourself and realize that your dreams are for everyone, then your heart pounds faster than the fastest and your imagination works overtime. And you realize that you are no longer dreaming but living your dreams.

    This is the realists’ ideal: No more of yesterday’s fears with today’s aspiration for tomorrow’s future is the Linchoco Haven Farm’s  venture, WE mind YOUR business with a BIG heart and a spirited soul.


Meet Our Team

Geraldine Leabres-Linchoco

Geraldine Leabres-Linchoco


Christopher John Linchoco

Christopher John Linchoco

Vice President for Operations

Nida Linchoco

Nida Linchoco

Board of Director

Erlinda Leabres

Erlinda Leabres

Board of Director

Cherry Lyn Trinidad

Cherry Lyn Trinidad


Dairy Goat Paiwi Program

Pa-iwi duration: 36 months
Package cost: Php 160,000.00
No. of heads: 15 heads native does

Payment Terms:
One Time Payment

1st Payout: Php 22,500.00 (After 12 Months)
2nd Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 20 Months)
3rd Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 28 Months)
4th Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 36 Months)
Salvage Value: Php 75,000.00 (After 38th month – end of the contract)

*There is an eight (8) months interval for every payout after the 12th month

PAIWI in Southern Tagalog refers to a paalaga system whereby the owner would entrust his livestock to the farmer, or any trusted individual, neighbor, or relatives to take care, and thereafter divide equally the profit it may gain after deducting the expenses incurred. (TRADITIONAL)

Our PAIWI system is like the traditional way, but we made it systematic, making it organized and transparent. Designed under DV Boer Farm International Corporation Paiwi System. Please Check out DV Boer Farm International Corporation, its reputable legitimacy shall assure youof a guaranteed ROI.

YES, a notarized contract will be given to protect the interest of both parties.

YES, but we’ll deposit the pay out to only one name.

We will send you the contract via email. You then download and sign the contract. Scan the signed contract and send it back to us via email.

When the PAIWI PARTNER avails of the package worth Php 160,000 for 15 heads of native does (female goats), to be cross breed with the farm’s Pure Breed Buck (Anglo Nubian or Alpine) from Australia. The farm will do all the necessary farming activities such as housing, breeding, feeding, managing and selling of the goats.

One Time Payment of Php 160,000.00

Php 232,500.00 (total pay outs + salvage value)

Php 232,500 – Php 160,000 (Paiwi Package) = Php 72,500 after 36 months

On the 12th month from the start of contract, your 15 does have already delivered 15 kids. The farm will buy each kid for Php 1,500 or a total of Php 22,500. On the next 3 consecutive pregnancies, does have high chances of conceiving multiple kids, thus the farm expects 30 kids from each package, amounting to Php 45,000 on the 2nd to 4th pay outs.

We will ask for your bank account and we will deposit your pay out directly on your bank account.

As stated in the contract, we will replace them. At the end of your contract, you will still have 30 does.

Each PAIWI Partner will be  given codes according to subfarm’s unique code for your package. Each goat will have their own ear tags containing their unique codes. Thus, pictures will be sent to the partner to update them of their status.

The farm will buy back your does, thus the salvage value worth Php 75,000.

Nothing. The program itself is insured in DV Boer Microfinance. Your goats are insured and your pay outs are guaranteed.

After 36 months, the contract ends. You have to get a new package.

YES, you can have more than one slot or package in one month, or if you wish to get another package while your contract with your 1st package is ongoing, you still can have another package.

Definitely yes. In fact, we highly recommend that you visit us at the farm to see how your livestock are taken care of. But please do inform us before your visit so that we can prepare something for you.

Send an email to us linchocohavenfarm@gmail.com

Call us at 09476480374 or 09175664753

PM us at Linchoco Haven Farm Facebook Page

Get In Touch With Us

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Purok 6, Sta. Barbara, San Antonio, Nueva Ecija

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